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Zanobia hookah

Zanobia Pre-Punched Aluminum Foil Sheets

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Ceramic Heat Management
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The Zanobia Pre-Punched Aluminum Foil Sheets are the perfect accessory for all hookah enthusiasts. Made by the reputable brand Zanobia, these foil sheets are designed specifically for hookah smoking. The pre-punched holes ensure even heat distribution, resulting in a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. These high-quality aluminum foil sheets are durable and easy to use. Simply remove a sheet from the package, place it over the bowl, and start enjoying your hookah session. With the Zanobia Pre-Punched Aluminum Foil Sheets, you can achieve optimal heat management and enhance the flavor of your favorite shisha. Perfect for both beginners and experienced hookah users, these foil sheets are a must-have accessory for your hookah setup.