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Element Air Flavours 200 Grams

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Element's "Air" hookah tobacco line is based on a blend of Virginia tobacco leaves, making it the softest tobacco of the Element company. In addition to its lightness, the air part of Element boasts a mixological line for its flavors, selected by technologists and approved after a lot of focus group testing.
Milky Mouse - airline  This unique blend is made with only the finest ingredients,is sweet, creamy, and milky all at the same time.

Vanilla Sky - airline  Unique mix of citrus, grapefruit, and sweet vanilla flavors
Tropicana    - airline  Tropical cocktail of sweet mango and juicy Passion Fruit, Gamished with the Velvety sweetness of peach 
Orchata - airline  a popular Mexican drink with sweet tender taste of nuts and spices
Thai Mango - airline  Luscious sweet mango with little herbal thing