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Serbetli Flavours 250 Grams

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Serbetli tobacco is made with real honey, which gives it a slightly sweet and natural taste. During manufacturing, a tobacco leaf is boiled and rinsed to make the tobacco less strong and absorb flavorings better.
Indian Kulfi ice cream is a mix of juicy ripe berries with a vanilla-creamy hue and soft nutty notes 
Ice Citrus Mango flavor of mango with and orange, the sourness of a lemon, and the bitterness of grapefruit 
Ice Blueberry A very fresh blueberry flavored with mint, the taste is somewhat similar to that of blueberry ice cream
Ice Lemon Mint Very fresh lemon flavor with mint and strong ice. 
Ice Watermelon  is a delicious and refreshing blend of sweet watermelon and cooling menthol.
Lime Lychee Blueberry is a mix of lime, lychee, and blueberry flavors. First, you'll smell the sourness of juicy lime,
Blue Curacao  its memorable and bright taste. Sour, with liqueur notes, a hint of citrus and a cooling effect 
Mint with Cooling Sweet Mint - excellent and light taste for smoking in its pure form.
BUBBLE FRUIT  Fruit is an analog of the Serbetli Big Bubble flavor (gum with a slight sourness of green apple).
Gum Mint   refreshing zest of mint harmoniously intertwines with the sweet, subtle undertones of classic bubblegum
Marbella is the hookah lover's dream snack! Rich cherry and creamy caramel swirl together for a deluxe taste sensation,
Istanbul Nights The mix of blueberries, raspberries both sweet and sour, Serbetli Istanbul Nights is a great option