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Zomo Flavours 250 Grams

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Zomo World Experience is a blonde leaf shisha tobacco with low nicotine content. The flavor strength is full-bodied, and you can expect less of a buzz and more cloud production. The Strong line uses dark leaf tobacco, providing a stronger buzz with heavier undertones from the dark leaf.
MY STRONG RED Strong Red, the real taste of strawberry in a flavor that will blow your imagination.
PASSION FRUIT  MINT The soft touch of Passion fruit combined with the refreshing taste of mint.
Amazemint  The sweet touch of mint in its composition makes it a successful flavor in all sessions of hookah lovers.

COPACABANA BEACH he dipped flavors that represent the beauty of Copacabana in your bowl
MY LEMON MINT  citrus taste of lemon, combined with a touch of mint, 
Pink Lemon Drop Very refreshing. You taste the raspberry and lemon.