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Must Have Flavours 125g

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The distinctive feature of Must Have hookah tobacco is hyper-natural, bright, juicy fruit and berry and dessert flavors created in cooperation with the leading specialists from Europe, Japan, and America.
Milky Rice sweet flavor will make it seem like you've just enjoyed a bowl of hot milky rice porridge
Pineapple Rings The sweet, juicy flavor of the pineapple rings - marinated in their own juice 
Space combination of mango, passion fruit, and lychee creates a magical layered flavor 
Kiwi Smoothie combines the sweet, tart flavor of Australian kiwi with a minty kick of peppermint and a splash of refreshing apple juice
Red Bomb tart bouquet of aromatic southern pomegranate, it is a pleasure to smoke
Cherry-Cola  mix is based on cola but has a tangy twist from the pulp of wild orchard cherries
Strawberry-Lychee  ripe forest strawberries slowly melting in your mouth and exotic ripe lychee create
Vanilla Cream is truly a delight, bring you the soft and creamy taste of real vanilla.
Caribbean Rum  real rum that's crafted by artisans on lovely Caribbean plantations, this shisha gives off a wonderfully noble taste
 Pinkman  pink grapefruit and strawberry flavors, topped off with raspberry syrup, will tickle your taste buds.
Mandarin  sweet and warming aroma of citrus mandarin slices, creating an incredibly unique flavor profile
Mango Sling  combines the taste of Thai mango with lemonade, spiced flavored, and mint.
Orange Team orange and tangerine to create a distinct flavor that both shisha enthusiasts and newcomers will love